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New frontiers emerge in this industry at a pace that has never been seen before. We know you want your business to be agile. Power & Tel will be your backbone. Our experts continue to master even the fastest-moving supply chain challenges. Request a consultation today to learn more about our broad spectrum of products and service solutions.

AC/DC Power Systems

Battery Backups, Converters, DC Power Systems, Power Cabinets, Rectifiers, UPS, all the way down to household batteries for remote controls - Power & Tel can help.

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Broadband Networking

Broadband Access, Ethernet Solutions, IPTV, Optical Networking, Timing, and Wireless are just some of the areas that Power & Tel can provide you the right solution for your networking needs.

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Data Center

When you think about re-igniting your company’s revenue streams, talk to Power & Tel about whether an expansion into data centers makes sense for you.

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Outside Plant & FTTx

Power & Tel has the experience and inventory to meet your Outside Plant project and Wireline project demands.

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PTMI®: Managed Inventory

Power & Tel Managed Inventory (PTMI®) could be just the right amount of added power that you need to optimize your business.

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Custom cabling solutions - bringing savings, efficiency, flexibility and safety to every project.

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Video & IPTV

From products like amplifiers, passives, splitter and taps to solutions that help make IP video a reality, we have you covered.

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The demands on wireless systems and infrastructure are only becoming more complex. We will help you meet those rapidly changing supply chain challenges.

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