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PTMI®: Managed Inventory

PTMI | Power & Tel Managed Inventory

Power & Tel Managed Inventory (PTMI®) could be just the right amount of added power that you need to optimize your business.

We are more than a leading supply chain distributor – we can be the inventory solution you need. Save costs and gain efficiencies with Power & Tel Managed Inventory. Our experts are here to talk to you about how your supply chain needs and pains can be addressed by our customizable, flexible managed inventory solutions. Stay focused on service delivery, and let Power & Tel power your inventory management system.

  • Purchasing and Inventory Management ­­
  • Contract Logistics
  • Real-Time Asset & Data Tracking
  • Staging, Kitting and Assembly
  • Cable Management
  • Provisioning Electronics
  • Reverse Logistics


Borrowed Time, Space and Peace of Mind

The PTMI® Difference

PTMI® brings Power & Tel’s renowned level of consistency and financial stability to the partnership. Serving the marketplace for over 5 decades, Power & Tel is focused on your needs and the challenges you face daily. From relationships with the manufacturers you use to supporting the associations you are members of, Power & Tel understands your supply chain.

The Power of PTMI®

Inventorying and movement of products within the supply chain is Power & Tel’s core competency. The secured flow of data needed to effectively run a business is where PTMI® empowers its users to gain even greater cost-savings and efficiency. The ability to seamlessly combine your owned material with Power & Tel owned material throughout your supply and accounting process is the Power of PTMI®.

The Role of Visibility in PTMI®

A lack of visibility to material movement both in a physical and financial manner is a main reason our clients turn to us for PTMI® solutions. Being able to track material all the way through the supply chain process is vital for efficiency and proper forecasting, but also for meeting regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley.

A primary advantage to PTMI® is increased and on-demand visibility to:

  • Inventory on Hand: both user-owned and Power & Tel owned
  • Usage/Order History: at a company and an individual tech or buyer level
  • Accounts Payable: at a company-wide and per invoice level

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