The Right Closure for The Right Network

Sep. 09 .2021

Independent Communications News – September 2021, Issue 2

By Melissa Seibring, Director of Marketing, Power & Tel 


Built for Fast Deployment – The Right Closure for The Right Network

As demand continues to grow and expand, agile infrastructure is essential. Fiber splice closures are used throughout the network and are suited for a variety of applications, including aerial, pedestal, buried or underground. Your closures need to be compatible with various types of cables and be easily accessible for maintenance, updates, and expansions.


Different Networks, Different Needs


Benefits of Gel Sealing Closures from CommScope 

Gel sealing closures are designed to protect from water and harsh environmental conditions, keeping the components protected and your network up and running. We are a stocking distributor for CommScope gel sealing closures.


Benefits of Gel Sealing Technology

Innovative gel sealing technology protects your connections inside from water, sand, dust, and other contaminants that could degrade optical performance. Numerous re-entries are allowed due to its self-healing capability. This makes maintenance and adding extra customers fast and easy, long after deployment.

Benefits of gel sealing technology include:

  • Suitable for aerial, pedestal, and underground (manhole or direct buried)
  • Available for spliced and connectorized closures
  • Compatible with all fiber types (G652D – G657 series)
  • Facilitates fast, reliable closure re-entry and resealing

Outside Plant conditions can be harsh. These closures are designed and field tested for:

  • Moisture resistance—underwater and under pressure
  • Cable manipulation—axial pull, torsion, flexing, and impact
  • Optical torsion and bending
  • Resistance to vibration, temperature, chemical, and UV rays


Industry Leader in Supply Chain Management 

Power & Tel supplies cutting-edge products that provide superior value to our customers. For almost 60 years, we have made it a priority to provide high-quality equipment, while continually growing as an industry leader in supply chain management, innovation, and industry products.

Each network has its own trait – let us help you find the perfect solution and deploy the right closure in the right place.

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Career opportunities

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