TSTT receives award for being an innovative regional leader

TSTT and Power & Tel
Aug. 17 .2017

"TSTT continues to be a leader in this region because it pushes new technologies to its consumers.  From about 20 countries in the Caribbean and Latin American (CALA) region, TSTT is one of the top companies demonstrating this pioneering behaviour." said Mr. Paulo Eduardo Da Silva, Export Managing Director at the Power and Telephone Supply Company (Power & Tel), at a brief recognition function during which the Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (TSTT) received an award for being an innovative industry leader in the CALA region.  The award was presented to TSTT's Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Ronald Walcott by Ms. Jennifer Sims, Power & Tel's Chief Executive Officer, at TSTT's Queen's Park Oval Hospitality Suite on August 10th. 

Power & Tel is a global leader in telecommunications and cable TV equipment and serves telecoms of all sizes, including AT&T, Comcast and Telefonica.  "We have been distributing to the CALA region for over 20 years and we noticed a lag between the USA and European region and the CALA region.  It usually takes 3 to 5 years for any technology adopted in the USA to be implemented in this region.  However, delving deeper, we noticed a trend in which a few CALA companies were showing higher innovation than those in the USA and Europe, and TSTT is one of the companies which is leading this innovation.  For example, when TSTT started their fiber to the home programme in 2009, many companies in Mexico, Brazil, USA, were just starting to think about it."  said Da Silva as he expanded on why TSTT was deserving of the award.

Dr. Walcott thanked Power & Tel on behalf of the Board and staff of TSTT, and reminded that TSTT was the leader with several other initiatives locally and regionally, including being the only, full-service communications solutions provider in the country, launching the 1st and only 4G LTE mobile and wired broadband service locally, having the 1st and only TIA/Tier 3 certified, world-class data centre regionally and the historic almost $2 billion financing agreement with Republic Bank Limited to support TSTT's $3.7 billion 5-year investment and transformation plan.  He said, "TSTT's vision is to become the standard bearer in Trinidad and Tobago for leading edge communications solutions and services that will enrich the lives of citizens, businesses and visitors.  We really appreciate this recognition because it serves as important validation of our company vision and says to us that we are on the right path."

Sims is a communications industry advocate and serves as Board Treasurer for the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) which helps develop global ICT industry standards and policies; Board Treasurer of the QuEST Forum, a global association of companies dedicated to improving the quality and sustainability of ICT products and services; and Board President on the Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT) Chapter of Greater Memphis-Jackson.  Sims commended TSTT for being a valued customer and for playing a vital role in the CALA telecom industry through the improvement of technology and services to end users.  "The level of disruption in the global telecoms industry is very high right now with respect to how quickly services continue to change and grow.   As a service provider, there are a lot of decisions to make and we recognize companies such as TSTT who are in the lead in the industry in terms of investing in these new technologies that benefit their consumer base and shareholders." said Sims, who worked for IBM and HP for a number of years prior to joining Power & Tel. 

Sims also congratulated Dr. Walcott on his leadership of the company.  "We recognize and appreciate professionals like Dr. Walcott who make a positive impact on the technological advancements of Fiber Optics, IPTV and FTTx in the Caribbean and Latin America.  The skills, planning and hard work required to accomplish your personal and company goals is worthy of recognition.  Leaders like you make a difference. Congratulations!"


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