Relieve Fiber Exhaust in the Harshest Environments

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Dec. 09 .2021

Independent Communication News - December 2021 Issue 3

By Melissa Seibring, Director of Marketing, Power & Tel


Stop Being Exhausted - Relieve Fiber Exhaust in the Harshest Environments


As consumers demand higher speeds and better reliability, innovative solutions are needed to provide dependable service for the customer and fast, cost-effective deployment for the service provider. This is true more-so for the MTU (Multiple-Tenant Unit) than in any other network area.


Space limitations and varying building layouts offer some unique challenges.  Brownfield installations can require technicians to become creative with fiber routing.  Network designs in greenfield buildings must focus on future-proofing the network as well as lowering the cost of maintenance. Once the MTU is built, the ability to provide simple, fast, non-disruptive upgrades and maintenance is imperative.


For each of these, no one fiber network design will fit all.  The model of a re-enterable pathway is the best option from both a deployment and maintenance perspective. With that, common themes and similar product concepts/solutions can be utilized.


Combining Clearfield FieldShield® pathways with FieldShield fiber assemblies and WaveSmart® optical components gives you a comprehensive portfolio of field-tested solutions designed to reduce the costs associated with fiber deployment and management.  Making sure service availability is never compromised.


FieldShield microduct provides a rugged pathway that allows the pre-connectorized fiber to be pushed or pulled in easily. Eliminate the need to splice with pre-connectorized drops, consequently saving time and money. This also means no added costs to equip each technician with fusion splicers.  Additionally, due to its high column strength, FieldShield Microducts can be deployed as a rod directly within a larger occupied duct that was previously thought exhausted.


WaveSmart components can aid in those areas where fiber is scarce. Whether you need to split the fiber to service multiple units or utilize WDM’s these optical components provide superior performance in the harshest environments and perform as desired.


No two networks are exactly alike so no matter what your business customers need, you can meet and solve those challenges with this rugged, easy-to-use and cost reducing solution. Let Power & Tel deliver the solutions you need.


Learn more about Clearfield's products carried by Power & Tel: visit Clearfield Fiber Optic Cables

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