MSO Leverages Nrby’s Flexible Framework to Accelerate Plant Construction

Power & Tel Case Study on NRBY
Oct. 05 .2021

Power & Tel Recently Introduced Nrby to Arvig, an MSO Challenged by Inefficient Processes


Since the launch roughly 5 months ago, Arvig has experienced a 41% improvement (almost 12 days on average) in construction task completions as compared to the same period in 2020. 

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Case Study: Overview

Power & Tel's diverse portfolio, deep industry relationships, and culture of customer service bring value to those building the broadband highway. Power & Tel recently introduced Nrby to Arvig, an MSO challenged by inefficient processes which slowed installations and customer set-ups.

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While Arvig was able to offer their customers the latest technology, internally their processes were lagging. Challenged with too much paperwork and delays caused by a slow flow of information, Arvig needed more automation for teams to communicate in real time.

Nrby is the dynamic location intelligence company whose platform captures and shares on-site data in real-time via mobile devices. For service providers, municipalities and SMBs, Nrby converts analog documentation and workflow methods into streamlined, digital processes — making on-site data instantly visible, sharable, and actionable.

"At the end of the day, what Nrby brought wasn’t just cost effectiveness, but it was also more flexibility."

Download the Case Study to learn more about how Nrby helps accelerate plant construction.


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