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Superior Essex Toneable Drop FTTP Series W7T

Superior Essex is an industry leader in outside plant and premises wire and cable communications products including OSP copper wire and cable, OSP fiber optic and drop fiber cables, premises copper cables, and premises fiber cables.  Superior Essex’s broad portfolio of high-performance cabling solutions helps you optimize your OSP, Premises, FTTP, and Wireless networks.

Series W7T FTTP is the first indoor/outdoor drop cable that is durable enough for outdoor environments and flexible enough for tight bends within residences. The patented design utilizes a fully functional 2.9 mm OFNR-rated tight buffer cable as the core of a GR-20 OSP-rated FTTP small flat cable.

The key benefit of this cable is that it can be installed from the pedestal to the indoor ONT (Optical Network Terminal) with no intermediate termination. Significant installation savings can be realized by avoiding splicing or termination on the outside or inside wall of the residence. Further savings are realized by using an indoor ONT that does not require an electrician to install. This completely dry, flat drop cable is available in universal and toneable designs that are suitable for aerial, direct bury, or conduit installation. A water-blocking thread is used to prevent water penetration.



• Drop cables for aerial, direct bury, or conduit installations
• Fiber to the premise for single-family residences


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Superior Essex Toneable FTTP Tight Buffered Indoor/Outdoor Drop Series W7T

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