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STL is a leading global provider of fiber-optic network technology for telcos, cloud companies, citizens networks, and large enterprises. STL's wide range of end-to-end solutions includes OH-Lite Nova G.657.A1 optical fiber, multi-loose tube cable, micro duct cable, and Celesta Intelligently Bonded Ribbon (IBR) cable. As a portfolio designed for easy installation and minimal space requirements, it stands apart and is preferred by network engineering and operations teams around the world.

This agility isn’t left to the product alone. STL is known as an innovator of creative fiber cabling solutions for a wide range of applications in both greenfield and brownfield areas from the data centers to long haul transport networks, FTTx, and last-mile applications. As a growing, global company, STL’s R & D and manufacturing teams are found alongside their customers in four continents including North and South America to better design and deliver to you.

STL's ARMOR-LITE Gel Free Multitube Single Jacket Steel Tape Armored Cables are suitable for direct burial as well as duct applications. ARMOR-LITE comes with gel-free technology – the buffer tubes contain water-swellable yarns, and the cable core is surrounded with water-swellable tape to prevent water ingress in the cable. The buffer tubes are stranded around the central strength member using reverse oscillation stranding method, which forms the cable core. A Corrugated Steel Tape armor surrounds the cable core with a thermoplastic jacket over the armor layer, making the cable robust and installation-friendly. 

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Armor Lite Gel Free Multitube Single Jacket Steel Taped Armored Cables 

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