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Fujitsu is transforming the world of digital technology by building better networks for a connected world.  Fujitsu's solutions support carriers and network operators in making digital communication better, faster, and more economical. Fujitsu and Power & Tel work together to serve network operators, MSOs, enterprises, utilities, and state/local government.

The urgent need for community broadband much discussed over the past few years—to the point where many call it the "fourth utility." But for many rural electric co-ops, utilities, and local governments, the diverse aspects of making broadband happen are unfamiliar territory. Even a small-scale network deployment is a complex undertaking with intricate funding and regulatory requirements to meet and challenging problems to solve. Broadband connectivity can spur community revitalization, but fully realizing its potential demands a hard-to-find combination of technical, business, and project management expertise.

Chart the best path with a comprehensive, detailed deployment plan with Fujitsu's Broadband Consultancy Services

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