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Comtrend is best known for home gateways and broadband extension products that cover xDSL/Fiber. They are committed to flexible solutions unique to every Communication Service Provider, working to communicate and design customized solutions that fit the CSP's needs. Comtrend has partnered with Bark and is now offering a service that customers have been seeking out.

Upgrade Now to a Comtrend WiFi 6 Gateway:

Deliver High-Performance WiFi: Comtrend’s WiFi 6 solutions boast up to WiFi 6 AX6000, allowing subscribers to enjoy the most advanced WiFi experience throughout the home. WiFi 6 boasts technologies such as OFDMA and MU-MIMO, allowing more devices to connect at faster speeds and with greater stability, even while running multiple high-bandwidth applications concurrently.

Provide Amazing Coverage: Comtrend’s WiFi 6 Gateways offer up to 1W TX output. This is the highest WiFi output power possible through FCC regulations and results in superior WiFi coverage. This means wall-to-wall coverage without WiFi dead zones.

Offer Top Speed Tiers: A 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet WAN offers Multi-Gigabit speeds for the most bandwidth-intensive homes.

Answer Growing Trends: Deliver the ultimate connectivity experience to subscribers – while also generating new streams of revenue. This lineup will support a growing selection of premium services that enhance the connected life from Smart Home Services (Plume), Internet Management with parental controls (Bark), to ACS/CAF- and more. 

Differentiate from Retail Products: Avoid the pain of trying to resolve issues caused by third-party retail routers while simultaneously offering a solution that delivers seamless WiFi with deeper insights into networking issues. This lineup supports the TR-069 and TR-181 standards so you have the ability to offer advanced remote management and proactive troubleshooting.


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Comtrend's Wi-Fi 6 


Ethernet Gateway WiFi 6 AX6000


Ethernet Gateway WiFi 6 AX5400


Bonded VDSL Gateway WiFi 6 AX6000


Bonded VDSL Gateway WiFi 6 AX6000

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