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Commscope Connectivity offers a robust product portfolio of network infrastructure products from innovative wireless to fiber optic solutions for the communication industry. Power & Tel offers a wide range of Commscope Connectivity products ranging from fiber optic cable, optical terminal enclosures, fiber optic splice closures, and MST's (Multiport Service Terminals). We have everything for your fiber deployment projects.

Looking for the CommScope interactive FTTH ePlanner, we have it! The FTTH ePlanner is a fully interactive guide designed to help telco service providers and network engineers in the U.S. and Canada plan the best fiber networks for their specific application needs.


CommScope Novux

CommScope's NOVUX is engineered from the get-go as a new FTTX system architecture and complete ecosystem with closures and terminals that span the outside plant fiber network—from the trunk and feeder to the distribution and drop.


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CommScope NOVUX: The Future of FTTX

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