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Clearfield, Inc. designs, manufactures, and distributes fiber optic management, protection, and delivery products for communications networks. Our "fiber to anywhere" platform serves the unique requirements of leading ILECS, CLECs, MSO/cable TV companies, and the broadband needs of the Utility/Municipality, Enterprise, Data Center, and Military markets.

A successful fiber network is more than the outside versus the inside plant, it's about designing the network with a "fiber first" mentality. Clearfield's CraftSmart® FiberFirst Pedestal is the industry's first pedestal designed exclusively for fiber.

Providing a secure, above-ground access point for drop cable or splitter deployment, the FiberFirst Pedestal offers configuration flexibility to suit the needs of the network. The unique "open canvas" design provides mounting options for a wide range of Clearfield® products, including the PON Insert, splice-only tray, YOURx-Terminal, and the MPT Terminal.

The FiberFirst Pedestal is designed for maximum flexibility and can be deployed in multiple applications. One pedestal for all applications, eliminating the need for multiple pedestals and reducing the SKU’s, allowing the customer to reduce costs.

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   CraftSmart FiberFirst Pedestal

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