Quik-Pull® Custom Cabling Solutions

Communication Networks Waste Water and Water Treatment OEM and Food Processing Power Industry
Bundled cables that help with pull rate and ease of wire termination
Custom printing and bundling solutions that fit your specific plant need
Cable solutions for automation, production, and plant communication
Custom solutions that bring savings, flexibility and safety to your project

Quik-Pull® Quik-Pull® builds bundled cables that provide custom solutions to various types of communication and powering needs. Whether it's cabling for data services or for use in manufacturing plants or process, Quik-Pull® cables prove to bring increased job efficiency and cost savings to the project.

Custom Services

Bundled Assemblies; Cable and Wire Printing; Jacketing & Shielding

Tray Cable Jacketing & Shielding
  • Ships in 2-5 working days
  • Only 100' minimum
  • Specify conductors, color, jacket and printing
  • Stranded THHN, TFFN or XHHW conductors
  • 18 AWG or larger
  • UL-listed electrical power and control tray cables E174087
  • Direct burial rated
  • Sunlight and moisture-resistant

Turn indoor cable into outdoor cable with custom jacketing!

  • Short lead time, 2-5 working days
  • Extruding core range of .1"-.75" diameter
  • Jacket wall thickness from 30-80 mil.
  • PVC and PE jackets offered in a variety of colors
  • Custom printing on extruded jackets
  • Mylar and foil shields
Tray Cable Jacketing & Shielding
Twisted Pair Conductor Coding
  • Ships in 2-5 working days
  • Specify put-up length per reel (up to 7,500') and lay length
  • 10-18 AWG, stranded or solid
  • TFFN, THHN, XHHW or any other type of wire
  • Alpha-numeric custom printing or striping
  • Custom jacketing and bundling
  • Available colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, black, brown, tan, pink and gray

Printing is offered on electronic cables, PVC cables, building wires - almost anything!

  • Alpha-numeric characters, symbols, words and sentences available
  • Choice of stripes and colors
Twisted Pair Conductor Coding