What is PTMI®?

It is Power & Tel's Managed Inventory solution suite and stands for Power & Tel Managed Inventory. PTMI® brings Power & Tel's renowned level of consistency and financial stability to the partnership. Serving the marketplace for over 5 decades, Power & Tel is focused on your needs and the challenges you face daily. From relationships with the manufacturers you use to supporting the associations you are members of, Power & Tel understands your supply chain.

The Power of PTMI®

Inventorying and movement of products within the supply chain is Power & Tel's core competency. The secured flow of data needed to effectively run a business is where PTMI® empowers its users to gain even greater cost-savings and efficiency. The ability to seamlessly combine your owned material with Power & Tel owned material throughout your supply and accounting process is the Power of PTMI®.

PTMI® Objectives for You

  • Minimize your inventory costs
  • Minimize your customers turn-up time
  • Minimize your total material costs
  • Increase efficiency and visibility throughout your supply chain

PTMI® Solution Suite

PTMI® offers you an established suite of building blocks. Our objective is to listen to your needs and see which of these (or combination of) best helps you realize supply chain efficiency and your profit objectives.

Each of our programs are designed to work on reducing the different individual cost elements that make up the total cost of carrying inventory (as represented in the graph). We understand that it is not one size fits all and have worked hard to make sure we have a solution that fits your inventory management needs. One primary element that does factor into all PTMI® solutions is efficiency within your supply chain process. PTMI® brings considerable time savings to your processes- enabling you to serve your customers more effectively which leads to greater revenues.

Quotes from PTMI® Customers

"Power & Tel has been with us through thick and thin offering their expertise and helping us stay focused on the end game. Their commitment has brought our organization tremendous success."

"With 24/7 access to inventory visibility, we have the confidence we can serve our customers without skipping a beat..."

"Inventory management is not the expertise of a service provider and we had material spread-out through various facilities. Power & Tel helped us consolidate and reduce our expenses."

Do you know these facts about Power & Tel?

  • WBE Certified
  • Follow stringent operational quality standards: ISO 9001 and TL 9000 certified
  • CEO, Jennifer Sims is:
    • A TIA (Telephone Industry Association) Board Member
    • A QuEST Forum Executive Contributor